Miss. Lauren E. Hunter

Violin, Viola, Bass Teacher, Administrator

Lauren Hunter

SAA Member


Albuquerque, NM
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Born to a musical family, I started singing at age 2, piano at age 3, and violin at age 6. I played oboe in middle school, hated it and switched to trombone to play in the high school marching band. I quit sports to keep up with my high school band and choir commitments as well as playing with the Bloomsburg University Community Orchestra (since age 11). I kept up with the big 3 (violin, trombone and voice) through my undergraduate career with violin being my primary medium and receiving minors in trombone and voice. I began teaching privately my first year of college at age 18 and soon came to know this is what I needed to pursue. My undergraduate violin professor luckily knew of a unique program in Albuquerque, NM at the University of NM where Susan Kempter is a Suzuki Violin teacher trainer and teacher of cognition, kinesiology and the body as a violinist. I received my Long Term Training in Suzuki Violin (books 1-10) in 2009. 

I’ve had a steady private studio of 15-20 students for the majority of the past decade while I was in college, after college and currently as a Suzuki Violin Specialist teacher for a charter school, college lecturer and administrator for UNM. My teaching philosophy is that every student is unique and the pedagogy behind teaching them should be, too. The Suzuki method is my primary source, but I often go outside of this method to enhance the learning experiences of my students. I stress the importance of the body. The statistics of musicians of any level getting injured from playing their respective instruments is extremely high, something that I’ve personally experienced. No child should experience pain while making music. I live for the “eureka!” moments that my students have and have a special place in my heart for working with students with learning and mental disorders. There’s no limit to how music can help those that cannot help themselves.