Ms. Elizabeth H. Lewis

Recorder, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

Elizabeth Lewis

SAA Member


4507 Greenview Rd
Trent Woods NC 28562

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I live in New Bern North Carolina, and I am very excited about the Suzuki Instruction studio that I am developing, called Every Child Deserves Music.

I have recently taken the Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Level One course, and am in the process of setting up those classes. I believe that SECE classes are the foundation of all Suzuki Education, and I love that I am able to introduce this course to my area of Eastern North Carolina.

I am currently the only Suzuki Trained Recorder teacher in New Bern, and am actively seeking students who are interested in learning to play this beautiful and historic instrument. In many languages the name used for recorder is “Sweet Flute”, and the beautiful sound created when a recorder is played correctly lives up to that name.

I teach music litteracy along with my recorder instruction using the fun and engaging Music Mind Games Curriculum. I believe that a complete musician must be able to play beautifully and also read and understand musical notation and theory. A person who learns to speak their native language, but cannot read and write it is not completely litterate in that language. As a Suzuki teacher I teach the litteracy aspect of music seperately from the playing of the instrument at the point when the child is developmentally ready. I am also available to work with individual students or groups who study other instruments but would like to have a fun way to focus on music litteracy more than time allows in their private music lessons.

Another aspect of Every Child Deserves Music is that I actively embrace the “Every Child Can” philosophy of Dr. Suzuki by seeking ways to work with children with physical and/or intellectual challenges. Currently I work one afternoon a week with small groups of children in an Easter Seals after school program using an adapted curriculum that combines SECE concepts and activities with engaging Music Mind Games and Pre-Recorder activities.