Dr. Cecilia (Ceci) Taher

Flute, Recorder Teacher

Cecilia (Ceci) Taher

SAA Member


Edmonton, AB

Cecilia Taher has a PhD in Music Theory (McGill University, Canada, 2012-2016) and a Doctorate in Flute Performance and Pedagogy (University of Iowa, USA, 2006-2009). She is the Flute and Recorder Teacher at the Suzuki Charter School (Edmonton, AB) and an active researcher in the field of Music Perception and Cognition.
Convinced that interdisciplinary approaches can contribute to all fields of music, she aspires to combine the experience she has acquired as a performer, theorist, researcher, and teacher in order to be able to better share it with her students and colleagues.
Her Suzuki mentors include Christie Felsing, Deborah Kemper, Kenichi Ueda, Laura Larson, Rebecca Paluzzi, Meret Bitticks, Noelle Perrin, and Kathleen Schoen.