Mrs. Blancamaria Montecinos Valdivia

Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher, Administrator

Blancamaria Montecinos Valdivia

SAA Member


Republica de Cuba 1474 Providencia
Santiago de Chile 7510375

+56 2 28481596 Cell5699233475
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hi, I am Suzuki Teacher since 1991.
I am always taking new courses, and very happy to do it.
Escuela de Música Suzuki Chile is created since 2001, and every day we have more and more families coming to start this adventure.

Now the school, have almost 250 students, and 100 of them are from Suzuki EarlyChild Education. so we can have different posibilities.

I have also a special course called “Prepiano”, that is mainly for children beetween 3 and 5 years, and we help them an their family to be ready for the first lesson. “Knowing how to wait” Be ready.