Benjamin Ranstrom

Guitar Teacher, Parent

Benjamin Ranstrom

SAA Member


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I grew up on a farm near the Canadian border about two hours south of Winnepeg. I got interested in guitar from wanting to emulate the guitarists in my favorite band but the only book I could find was a classical book to go with my mom’s classical guitar. There were no classical guitar teachers near the farm although I was able to take percussion lessons at a nearby University. My first real guitar teachers came when I was living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and I got to take formal lessons in guitar and harp and start to learn all the techniques for classical guitar that I had learned incorrectly studying on my own. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I love the developmental approach that Suzuki Talent Education espouses. After raising my kids in the Suzuki method (harp/cello), I felt a need to share the gift that my kids got through Suzuki training with other children and so I enrolled in Suzuki teacher training. I enjoy playing classical, Latin, flamenco and jazz styles on guitar, tenor guitar and harp.