Miss. Anna Linzey

Violin Teacher

Anna Linzey

SAA Member


Mountain Ranch, CA

Growing up in a musical family, Miss Anna Linzey has enjoyed playing both the violin and piano from an early age. Beginning piano at the age of 6 and violin at age 9, Anna has had the opportunity to study under several teachers for both instruments including Lindsay Bertram, Marilyn White and Ron Brickman in piano, and Bethany Morris, Brook Moes, and Hong Zhu in violin. Having received and registered violin teacher training and development with the Suzuki Association of the Americas from Ronda Cole and Ann Metzker-Smelser up to date, she is thrilled to pass on the exciting experiences of music making to others, endeavoring to encourage the use of skills and abilities developed to bring honor to the Lord and be a help to people.

Miss Anna has performed on the violin and piano as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestra member and accompanist for various occasions including weddings, receptions, banquets, singing gigs, cantatas, recitals, concerts and special services. For the past 8 years she has directed a thriving violin and piano studio in Oklahoma City giving individual lessons for both instruments, conducting periodic formal recitals for the entire studio, hosting group classes for violin as well as providing a series of music theory classes open to others outside the studio also. During the most recent season of being the violin instructor at Heartland Baptist Bible College for 4 years and Music Department Secretary for one year, Miss Anna accepted the invitation to be a keynote speaker for the college studio class on a couple of scheduled opportunities and has also been a sought out tutor for various students looking for help in specific areas of practice strategies.

Miss Anna is the oldest of sixteen children and thoroughly enjoys living life to the fullest and helping to cultivate strong family relationships. When she is not teaching, babysitting, practicing, running errands, arranging music, spending time with family and friends, helping out with household duties, or updating the family blog, she can often be found reading, writing, exploring nature, or experimenting with photography.