Attention! Get the most out of Parents as Partners Online!
Read how programs in Manitoba, Ontario, and Indonesia utilize Parents as Partners and the resulting benefits! Many thanks to Robert Richardson, Wendy Seravalle-Smith, Therese Wirakesuma, Margot Jewell and their Suzuki parents for sharing these ideas!

Ideas for your studio

  • Share the gift of Suzuki inspiration by registering one or more parents for Parents as Partners Online.

  • Studio incentive: Challenge your parents to a New Year’s resolution of watching a talk a day!

  • Remind parents regularly to schedule Parents as Partnerswatching time throughout the five months’ Parents as Partners event.

  • Post signs within your studio listing talks you as a teacher recommend for that particular week. Call attention to highlights!

  • Post the Studio Promotional Flyer on your bulletin board to help encourage enrollment!

Interested in organizing a parent Parents as Partners gathering? Here are some effective ideas:

  • Schedule a parent potluck or wine-n-cheese get-together to share ideas from presentations they have already watched.

  • Assemble a group of parents to serve as a local Parents as Partners committee to choose discussion topic(s), to invite facilitator(s), and to secure space for any gatherings.

  • During group class time, arrange for parents to meet in a separate room, watch and discuss a topic while kids are occupied at group.

  • Offer two sessions on the same topic at staggered times, thus meeting parents’ needs the best.

  • Organize the weekly or monthly gatherings according to the topic headings listed on the Parents as Partners website.

  • Chose one or two videos from the same topic to discuss. Highlights of the talk are shared by a facilitator, and portions or all of the video are shown. A healthy question-answer may follow, led by a facilitator.

  • Survey parents, inquiring which topics or videos would be of utmost interest for such gatherings.

  • Start a Parents as Partners Club! Similar to a book club, those participating would meet informally to discuss specific talks.

What benefits result from holding such parent gatherings?

  • Get-togethers allow parents a chance to have open discussions on Parents as Partners talks, share ideas in greater depth, and gain insights and perspectives from multiple families.

  • The talks provide a huge variety of methods and ideas to enhance practice, including games, technique, approaches to review, and more!

  • In-person gatherings enable parents to share frustrations and successes, and parents realize that all families share similar practice struggles (and joys!) from time-to-time.

  • Sessions provide parents a chance to meet other Suzuki parents within a program or studio and strengthen old friendships as well.

  • Through discussion, parents gain positive feedback, ideas, and advice from other parents—all of which are very empowering.

  • Both the talks and following discussions provide a better understanding of why teachers do the things the way they do, with supported research and experience.

  • Attending sessions empower and re-energize parents.

  • Watching the videos help reaffirm why we (parents) enrolled in a Suzuki program and reinforce the whole Suzuki philosophy of music.

  • The talks supplement parent education, and provide a fresh voice or perspective. In addition, they increase curiosity, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the Suzuki approach, developing a parent’s commitment and skill.

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