Yasuki Nakamura

He was one of the original students of Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki in the Suzuki method of teaching and for the past 33 years has been passing on his knowledge to Australian students.

Now Yasuki Nakamura, of Bayview, has been appointed an honorary Member of the Order of Australia. He was recognised for his service to music education, particularly the violin, through his contribution to the Suzuki Method in Australia and overseas.

Dr. Suzuki developed the Suzuki method of teaching music, which is based on providing the right environment for learning music while also fostering good character in the students.

“The aim is not just to train musicians but also to create wonderful human beings,” Mr Nakamura said. “It can be used for music and for other areas of human education.”

Yasuki Nakamura was among 18 non-Australian citizens recognised for their services to this country. Mr. Nakamura has lived in Australia for 33 years.

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