A Chapter Affiliate is a local Suzuki Association that has met the requirements of the SAA to not only be endorsed by the SAA, but also to receive their support, benefits, and international recognition. Chapter Affiliates are extremely important to the SAA because they allow the philosophies and goals of the organization to be implemented at the local level, and likewise, the Chapter Affiliate receives the benefits of recognition and promotion at the national level. In essence, Chapter Affiliates are one of the most important and effective keys to weaving your local Suzuki community into the whole national and international Suzuki movement.

Chapter Affiliates are not only beneficial for the international community, but most importantly, they are valuable to you. Chapter affiliation benefits you and your area in the following ways:

  • Helps you connect more closely with the teachers in your area.
  • Offers education and support for both teachers and parents.
  • Offers scholarships and other benefits for students and teachers.
  • Keeps you updated through websites and newsletters posting local events and other information.
  • Directly associated with the SAA and is given support and resources by the SAA.

How do you become a Chapter Affiliate?