Three young festival participants

Three young festival participants.

Etna Diemecke, Festival Coordinator, reported the following highlights from the IV Suzuki Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico, November 11-15, 2006.

Cello class with Carol Waldvogel

Cello class with Carol Waldvogel.

Carol Waldvogel with young participants at the IV Festival Internacional Suzuki in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Carol Waldvogel with young participants.

Laura Jáuregui with student

Laura Jáuregui with student.

Violinists at the festival

Violinists at the festival.

  • 19 teachers and 7 parents participated in the Philosophy course, taught by Caroline Fraser.
  • 19 teachers attended the Early Childhood Education course taught by Maria Luisa Labarthe.
  • 16 teachers completed Violin training courses taught by Sanford Reuning and Carrie Reuning-Hummel.
  • There was also good teacher participation in a Pre-Twinkle course and a Note-Reading course.
  • 93 children attended the Festival.

During and following the Festival, the Suzuki Association of Mexico made further plans to extend its course offerings to various locations throughout the year. Plans for translating materials into Spanish were reported, including the translation of Teaching from the Balance Point by Ed Kreitman.

Alison Eldrege with violin class

Alison Eldrege with violin class.

Caroline Fraser with trainees

Caroline Fraser with trainees.

Violinists with Trainer Sandy Reuning

Violinists with Trainer Sandy Reuning.