Sue Evans

Sue Evans

Sue Finley-Evans, BME, MM, EDS, is certified in Orff, Suzuki to Book 5, and Musikgarten. She is a pianist at St. Margaret’s Church, teaches Suzuki music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and at the Lawrence Montessori School. From 2005-2010, she was a California public school music teacher and music teacher at the College of the Desert, and she founded a new summer Suzuki music program. From 1972-2005, she taught private Suzuki and Orff music lessons in Kansas and Missouri to students from kindergarten to college. She studied Suzuki at Queen’s University, Snowmass, Lincoln, and Lawrence, and she studied Orff at Hamline University. She raised two boys in the Suzuki method, sports, Scouts, and church.

101 Ways to Practice One Note One Measure One Line

June 1, 2003 by Sue Evans

Play it your age. Tape it. Pick an UNO Card. Throw the dice or die. Wear a funny hat. Wear funny glasses. Left foot in the air. Right foot in the air. Eyes on the ceiling. Eyes closed. With toothbrush in mouth. With gloves on. With Kleenex on keys. Write a story to… Read more ▶


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