Ask the Experts

Last summer, focus groups at summer Institutes were asked to submit questions for a panel of “Suzuki Experts” to answer. This is the third installment.

Living in an area with no strings, how do I get parents to commit to coming to lessons?

Perhaps the most effective strategy will be to emphasize not just the opportunity to learn to play a string instrument, but the broad benefits of Suzuki education—the opportunity to impart good learning habits, to become part of a community of caring, nurturing families, to share in the challenging journey towards excellence with children and adults of varying ages.

This is not just a casual leisure activity to dip into, but something that profoundly and positively impacts individuals for life. Your passionate belief that the benefits go far beyond learning the technique necessary for playing an instrument will be a vital factor in galvanizing enthusiastic commitment from both children and parents.

Expert of the Week, Daphne Hughes

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