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Be sure to visit our Conference Page for updates about the conference!

Ready to register? Here’s our step-by-step guide, & the link!

Steps for Registering

1. Click the appropriate link above, and select “Register”


2. Sign in or create an account

Step 2

3. Scroll down to select “SAA Member” for registration.


4. Checkout!

Step 3

Non-Member Registration Links:

A few quick tips:
1. In order to access the above SAA Member registration page, you’ll need an active SAA membership! Be sure to log in to access the page.
2. SAA members do NOT need to be ASTA members in order to register! You do not need to pay for an ASTA membership in order to register for the conference! If you run into any trouble with this, please write to us at [javascript protected email address].
3. Once you’re ready to register, note that the SAA Registration links will take you to Tradewing on ASTA’s website. Because of our partnership, we are sharing registration pages, but you will still get to register as an SAA member!
3. As you’ll see once you click on the registration links, you will need to create a FREE account via Tradewing on ASTA’s website in order to register! Once you create your account, you’ll select SAA Member registration, checkout, and be all set!
4. This is TWO conferences for the price of ONE! That means you only need to purchase one registration to enter both conferences. While we know some of our wonderful SAA members may not be interested in string-specific content, the ASTA conference will have some content relevant to all musicians, and we know we will all benefit from being in community with their wonderful music-centered community!
5. WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN 3D! As always, please reach out to us at [javascript protected email address] with any questions or concerns!