2011 Minijournal cover contest winner

1st Place Winner

Joseph M. Evans, “Max”, age 14
Downers Grove, IL
Max has been playing violin for 9 years and his teacher is Daina Volodka.

2011 Minijournal cover contest 2nd place finalist

2nd Place

Caera Ozawa Burns, age 5
Sunnyvale, CA
Caera plays cello with Barbara Wampner.

2011 Minijournal cover contest 3rd place finalist

3rd Place

Simona Sulminas, age 5 1/2
Riverside, IL
Simona has been playing violin for 1 year with Daina Volodka.

2010 Minijournal cover contest 4th place finalist

Honorable Mention

Mia Lei, age 10
Potomac Falls, VA
Mia has been studying violin for 6 years with teachers David Strom and Mariam Gregorian.

A big thank you to everybody who participated in the 2011 Minijournal Cover Design Contest!

You can get a free copy of the 2011 Minijournal if you attend an Institute this summer. Copies will be on sale online for 50 cents in September.