Violinist Julie Bamberger at the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention

Violinist Julie Bamberger at the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention

Image by Edward Kreitman

Edward Kreitman

Edward Kreitman is the founder and Director of the Western Springs School of Talent Education and the Naperville Suzuki School. Mr. Kreitman received his undergraduate degree from Western Illinois University where he studied Suzuki Pedagogy with Doris Preucil and Almita Vamos. In 1986 , he studied with Dr. Suzuki at the Talent Education Summer School in Matsumoto, Japan.

Mr. Kreitman has served the SAA in many capacities including a member of the Board of Directors, Violin Committee, Teacher Development team and as Coordinator for several National Suzuki Teacher Conferences. Edward Kreitman enjoys an international reputation as a registered Teacher Trainer of the SAA and is the author of “Teaching from the Balance Point: A Guide for Suzuki Parents, Teachers and Students” and “Teaching with an Open Heart: A guide to developing Conscious Musicianship.” Edward Kreitman was the 2019 recipient of the IL ASTA Studio Teacher of the Year Award.

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