: Latin America

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Piano students from Argentina and Peru
Violin Unit 5 class in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Katrina Pezzimenti, Analia Capponi-Savolainen and Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki just before the final concert of the 7th Suzuki Voice International workshop
Fernando Formigo and flute group from Patagonia, Argentina in front of a billboard advertising their public concert in Asuncion, Paraguay
Mariana Capponi and Kelly Williamson
Fernando Formigo, Kelly Williamson
Flute student choir conducted by Fernando Formigo
Laurel Ann Maurer and Mariana Capponi in La Plata, Argentina.
Laurel Ann Maurer, Mariana Capponi, and Suzuki flute students in La Plata, Argentina.
Seventh Suzuki Voice International Workshop “Songs for Sharing”, Argentina 2009
Seventh Suzuki Voice International Workshop “Songs for Sharing”, Argentina 2009
Primer festival Suzuki de la Patagonia
Participants in the first International Suzuki Festival in Patagonia
Fernando Formigo and students
Paula Antu Guerrieri
Four students will share a flute donated by Karen Perkins
Fernando Formigo teaching flute
Final flute concert at the festival in Argentina
Practicing in the pampa when the bus broke down
Fernando Formigo
Fernando Formigo and 2 flute students
Fernando Formigo’s flute ensemble
Kelly Williamson and Camila
Kelly Williamson with Camila Formigo
Buenos Aires flute book 1 class with Kelly Williamson, right.