The Promise...The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher's Pledge

This video on Suzuki teacher training features interviews with Charles Krigbaum, Rachel Fabulich, Beth Cantrell, Sarah Bylander Montzka, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker, Gilda Barston, Pat D’Ercole, Yvonne Davila, Robbin Gordon-Cartier, Sheryl Shohet, and Stephanie Price. It was premiered at the end of the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 4, 2009.

Suzuki Teachers’ Pledge

  • We realize the unlimited possibilities of early education.

  • We also realize that every child can be educated.

  • Our purpose is to develop this ability, and present this fact to the world.

  • We are delighted to be teachers of the Suzuki Method and fully comprehend the responsibilities we have as teachers.

  • We will continue to study teaching in the future with much reflection, and through this continuing study we will be better able to concentrate energies toward better teaching.

  • We solemnly affirm that we will keep this promise as a Suzuki Method Teacher, and always do our utmost for our common purpose of educating the children of the world.

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