Pam and Carla Brasch at the 2006 SAA Conference

Image by TJ Boatman

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Pam Brasch herds the conference team and staff to the 2006 SAA Conference opening ceremonies
Pam Brasch at the 2004 SAA Conference
Pam Brasch and Marilyn George at the 2012 conference
Pam Brasch, CEO, and Sally Gross, conference coordinator.
Pam Brasch, Executive Director, Chirstie Felsing, Conference Coordinator, and Debbie Moench, Assistant Conference Coordinator, at the 2010 Conference
SAA Boulder office staff. Pam Brasch, center.
Silent Auction at the 2010 Conference
Carol Ourada, Pam Brasch, and Sally Gross
Pam Brasch, CLC Award recipient, and Carol Ourada at the 2010 Conference
Pam and Willa Brasch with Sharon Jones at her Early Childhood demo class
Christie Felsing, Paul Landefeld, Pam Brasch, and Carrie Reuning-Hummel
Teri Einfeldt, Linda Fiore, and Pam Devenport at the 2002 SAA Conference