Michiko Yurko and Jenny Murphy at the 2012 Conference

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Ed Sprunger, Jenny Murphy, Carlynn Savot, Deborah Knowles at the 2012 conference
Michiko Yurko speaks at the 2006 SAA Conference
Nehama Patkin and Michiko Yurko at the 1998 SAA Conference
Michiko Yurko and friends at heritage celebration during the 2008 SAA Conference
William Preucil and Michiko Yurko with flowers at the 2002 SAA Conference
Caroline Fraser, Michiko Yurko, and Latin American piano students at the 2008 SAA Conference
Ellen Kogut Conference 2012
2008 Conference attendees. Front row: Dee Martz, and Joanne Martin. Back row: Delaine Fedson, Mary Kay Waddington, and Michiko Yurko.
Zohara Rotem and Michiko Yurko
Michiko Yurko and Sven Sjogren
Jennifer Burton and Rebecca Sandrok with Jenny Pham Murphy of Tone Academy NYC
Joanne Bath and Jenny Pham Murphy, Founder and Director of Tone Academy, NYC