Master class with Caroline Fraser

Image by Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi

Short BioTaught school music at Eton School in Mexico City from 2000 through 2012, she runs the Suzuki Piano program since 2005. Her school, “Instituto Suzuki Vive la Musica” recently celebrated its VII anniversary. Leslie has been part of the board since 2010 and is currently President of the Mexican Suzuki Association, beginning October 1st, 2017. Leslie began her Suzuki piano training in 2005 and has registered up to piano book 5, SECE stages 1 and 2, and several practicum courses, as well as various enrichment courses, mostly with Ms. Caroline Fraser. Her training also includes Kodály, Orff and Dlacroze pedagogies. Her students have participated in diverse Festivals and Encuentros: Peru, Costa Rica, USA and Mexico; some have continued their musical studies professionally, both in the classical and the popular segments. Leslie has taught piano master classes in Mexico and at the Peru Festivals. She continues her professional studies at Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City.

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