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2 Suzuki teachers found within 20 miles (32 km) of MD 21601

Helen Gale Shehan

Helen Gale Shehan

Violin, Viola, Cello Teacher
Easton MD 21601 0 miles
(0 km)

Phone: 410-443-9044
Email: [javascript protected email address]

  • Training: Violin Foundation 1A, Violin Foundation 1B, Violin Unit 2, Violin Unit 3, Violin Unit 4, Violin Unit 5, Violin Unit 6, Violin Unit 7, Violin Unit 8, Violin Practicum
  • Supplementary Training: Violin Overview Units 1-4, Violin Supplementary, Violin Supplementary Literature

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Betsy Stocksdale

Betsy Stocksdale

Piano Teacher
Annapolis MD 21409
Baltimore MD 21239 26 miles
(42 km)

Phone: 443-255-5688
Email: [javascript protected email address]

  • Training: Every Child Can!, Suzuki Principles in Action, Piano Foundation 1A, Piano Foundation 1B, Piano Unit 2, Piano Unit 3, Piano Unit 4, Piano Unit 5, Piano Unit 6

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