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Felicia Franks said: Jun 9, 2011
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Hi, We started Violin lessons today and it was such a great experience.

The teacher had the lesson start with a phrase and bowing, but I didn’t get a chance to write it down. Does anyone know where I can get that? or what it was they said.

My daughter is 4 and her violin is on order, so I printed out a picture so we could spend the week going over the parts and their names, I would just like to have her bow and says the phrase so she knows now is the time to practice and learn.

Also any tips and book recommendation are very welcomed.

Thank you,

Grace said: Jun 9, 2011
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I would just call your teacher and ask him/her. But if it was in Japanese, it could be “O-ne-gai-shi-masu”. Does that sound right? It means (roughly) “please teach me”.

Louise said: Jun 24, 2011
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We found that the first beginning lessons can contain so much information, that taking notes in a dedicated lesson notebook helped so much. We tried to review and absorb as much as we could, and our understanding teacher patiently repeated information and skills as necessary. Good luck!

Paula Bird said: Aug 5, 2011
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Many of my new parents have brought small video recorders (or made videos on their phones). I usually provide a composition book to new parents, and I ask the parents to take notes of the lessons on the right hand pages and leave the left side for questions to ask me at the next lesson or about problems and issues that came up during the week’s practices. As a teacher, I appreciate my parents reminding me to write things down for them at the end of the lesson (such as phrases or jingles I use or specific instructions). I don’t mean that the parent asks me to take the notes for him or her, but that I review them and make sure that the notes are correct and contain the necessary information. Please don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help with this. Don’t wait until the next week’s lesson to ask. Just email them right away. You might also ask if there is another parent who has more experience who would be willing to be your “mentor” during this beginning phase. I cover some of this on my blog.

Paula E. Bird
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