what key is Gavotte by Becker?

said: May 14, 2011
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Is it Bflat major or G minor? I thought it was G minor, but then M16 and M17 don’t sound right in G minor fingering. Or is it just my son playing it wrong? Our instructor is unavailable right now but we still have to practice…
Thank you!

Jennifer Visick said: May 14, 2011
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Are you asking about the Violin repertoire? Do you mean it doesn’t sound right compared to the Suzuki CD?

It’s in G minor up until measure 26, when it changes keys to G Major. It changes back to G minor in measure 50.

Laura said: May 15, 2011
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Start: G minor
Middle of M9: B flat major (relative major, i.e. the major “cousin” of G minor, same key signature, but no F sharps)
Middle of M18: back to G minor
Middle of M26: G major (no more B flats or E flats, includes some F sharps)
Middle of M34: E minor (relative minor of G major, includes some D sharps)

Remaining sections of piece: same keys as their earlier counterparts

Some fingerings will seem different because of the changes between the sharp and natural versions of certain notes, namely Fs and Ds. If you are playing F sharp in M16 and 17, it will sound off for sure. Use a low 1 for F natural.

said: May 17, 2011
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Muchas Gracias!

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