Parents as Partners Archive?


Lydia said: Mar 7, 2011
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Hi all—I’m a newbie here. I’ve been a suzuki violin mom for over 4 years. This was the first year I participated in the Parents as Partners online program. I didn’t get to watch all the videos, and I was hoping to find an online archive. Do you know where I can find it?

Lydia said: Mar 11, 2011
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Bumping this up in hopes of getting a response. If there is no archive, maybe someone can explain the benefit to SAA for taking it down?

Jennifer Visick said: Mar 12, 2011
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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I don’t know, but I can hypthesize…

  • There may be an extra charge from the webhost or company providing servers for the SAA’s website to allow many users to stream many videos at the same time

  • There may be copyright permission issues with some of the videos, where the SAA may have to pay a certain amount to keep a video posted for a certain time.

Lauren said: Jun 9, 2011
Lauren Lamont
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If you’re interested:
I pretty much had all the parents in our Suzuki Academy participate in the Parents As Partners series offered last February (4 teachers’ studios). I had to agree with parents that the viewing schedule was a bit intense. To help them capture some of the key points I made a list of notes as I watched the videos and I’m happy to share them with anyone. They’re far from perfect, and I started the note taking midway through the series so there’s a couple where I forgot the presenter’s name. Hope this might help.


Lana said: Jan 27, 2012
Regina, SK
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Thank you Lauren for your notes!! They are very helpful. I also was somewhat frustrated that the sessions were not archived, but this certainly helps!!


Barb said: Feb 1, 2012
Barb Ennis
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Note that this year the videos will be up much longer! Wonderful! And some of last year’s videos are included in this year’s series. Some of the 2006 videos are on this set of DVDs on sale for $25.

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