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Irene said: Nov 28, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

In an attempt to develop the interest on violin, I am arranging playdate for my 27 month old daughter and my colleague’s son who is 6 years old who has just started to learn violin.
My daughter adores older kids, she likes to imitate older kids.
Any tips on how to organise a playdate,, or informal group lesson for violin?

Celia Jones said: Nov 30, 2010
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Oops, missed this post, hope your playdate went well.

I have been doing this kind of thing, mostly with kids same age as DD (about 3). At first the children prefer to play with DD and her toys. We ask them to play violin only for maybe five minutes, then we let them get on with playing. After a few playdates like that—4 or 5, they all calm down and concentrate a lot better and play violin for maybe twenty minutes.

Just once I had a six-year-old come round, she was tired as it was straight from school. I let her play with DD and toys, and have a drink and snack. She was not at all interested in violin and when she played it was just the same as the 3 year olds—five minutes and then she asked to stop.

It’s kind of a long term project! Good luck!

Irene said: Dec 1, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

mine is a 27 month old daughter whereas the playdate is a 6 year old boy. ha! that would be quite a challenge. they both started learning the violins recently. I am sure the little boy will be more advanced in terms of his skills. I realised my daughter likes to play with older kids, but I am not sure how to organise, my daughter’s toys might be too childish for the little boy,. maybe they can do some painting together.

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