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Irene said: Sep 7, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

My 2 yo is currently using a 1/32. Normally, I practise my violin 4/4 and she will take out her own violin and try to play for a while. Then she will want to practise using mine. She refuses to use her own 1/32. I am wondering if it is the sound that matters, should I get her a 1/16?

Ruth Brons said: Sep 8, 2010
Ruth Brons
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Of course the bigger instrument does have a bigger sound,
but perhaps she is will be happy just “taking turns”,
and eventually realize she has more control over an instrument that is “just her size”, and that you have difficulty on her small violin because it’s not your size.
You can talk about appropriate sizes at other times of the day too—like when getting dressed. And talk about how lucky you both are that things come in special sizes just for you.
Depending on her size she may well be able to handle a 16th,
although it’s better to err on the side of being too small.

Best Wishes,

Ruth Brons
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Irene said: Sep 8, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

Ruth, thanks for reply.

I did mentioned to her,, this is baby violin for baby, and that’s mummy violin.. (4/4).
I might trade in her 1/32 for a 1/16. I’ll need to confirm with her teacher.

I’ve got her a Harmony 1/32 from Solo String, thinking of getting her the Classic of 1/16.

What do you think ?

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