How did you do a book 1 recital?

Aparna Asthana said: Oct 13, 2009
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Posted this on the teachers page but thought I would get some replies here too from the parent’s perpective so here goes:

Hi what did your teachers require of your kids when they were at the end of book 1 violin in terms of passing it to get a “level certificate”? Did they require your kiddos to perform all the book 1 pieces in order at a special recital? Does the child have to reach a certain level of proficiency with book 1 pieces to be able to take the recital? What is your criteria for judging when a child is ready? Was your child allowed to work in book 2 while getting ready to take the book 1 recital??

I am curious bc my son is approaching that point and I wanted to know how teachers and parents deal with this situation. My son has worked very hard the last 2 years despite many challenges and I want this to be a positive experience for him (and me!) not stressful. He has played Etude, minuets and Happy Farmer at various recitals over the past few months. He played them well. I am wondering if he needs to play every song in book 1 at his recital. Honestly not sure he has the stamina to play WELL for that long.
I would like some feedback on how you do things!

said: Oct 13, 2009
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I posted on the other forum before I saw your message here…one thing we did in preparation for the recital was build up the stamina to get through all of those pieces by slowing adding them into our practices. (I think it was a subtle trick by the teacher to get D to practice longer so she’d be prepared for the demands of the next book, too!) :D

Sara said: Nov 25, 2009
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With my students, yes, they move on to book two while they are polishing book on for graduation recital. I let them know when they are ready to graduate and then from there we choose a time and place. They decide who they want to invite (friends, relatives, nobody.) It is totally their recital. We record it on DVD so they have it for their book and they get a certificate. I would also encourage the parents to reward this special night a dinner, or something fun once they have accomplished it. Make it fun and a big deal. You may purchase a bouquet of flowers, or a new dress (or tie) Or CD. Something they think would be neat to receive. They need recognition of such a major accomplishment.

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