Composing Music

said: Jan 19, 2007
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My 9-year old daughter has been taking violin and piano lessons since June. She has composed several simple melodies which she enjoys playing on both instruments.

I would like to encourage her in this, but I am not particularly musical. Everything I’ve learned about music has been through observation of her lessons. I am able to help her record her notes on staff paper or Finale but beyond that I’m no help. Can someone recommend a book that could help me help her with the improvization and composition she enjoys?

said: Jan 23, 2007
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well, I would recommend asking your childs music teachers for a book they would recommend, I myself as a music student compose and I enjoy it, I have a fairly good sense of music theory because I have been playing the violin for 5 years, so I would also recommend along with the music theory books, just to simply continue playing music :D

Violin, the instrument that holds my dreams, I pour my life into it and it becomes stronger, maybe one day I can be profesional.

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