Need 1/32 or1/6 Violins for innercity 501 c 3 Suzuki Program


Cynthia Faisst said: Sep 5, 2006
Cynthia FaisstViolin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Irvine, CA
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I have just started 16 plus PreTwinklers in a new Urban Suzuki Program with more Fall enrollments expected. Very few of these families can afford even the rental on the violins. But they practice just as hard as my studio students and attend lessons pretty regularly inspite of all their difficulties.

I have started so many PreTwinklers in my private studio who have moved virtually all over the world. If any of you out there have one of those tiny violins left in a closet somewhere that is still in playable condition I would love to have it in our program.

Dr. Jimenez would gladly write you a note of thanks for the IRS for donation. Checks are always welcome and will be applied to matching funds which we have been offered. Do you students need a community service project?

Please contact me at:

OC Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
2215 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Please email me before sending anything.

Thank you for you kind assistance

Ms. Cynthia
Talent Education Center: Suzuki Violin
Director of Santa Ana Suzuki Strings located at the
Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
Volunteer, bring music to under-served communities around the world. Create Sound Investments and Futures.

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