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Grace said: Apr 13, 2011
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I have a student who is approaching Book 10. I was just wondering if there are any special ideas for honoring this major milestone?

When I finished book 10 (20-something years ago), I sent off a tape of my Mozart D Major to Dr. Suzuki and he recorded some nice comments for me and sent back a beautiful calligraphy certificate and a calligraphy of the kanji characters for his quote “Beautiful heart, beautiful music” which I still proudly display in my studio! It was very special to me. Obviously, Dr. Suzuki is gone, so what are some things other teachers do to celebrate this “graduation”?

Ruth Brons said: Apr 18, 2011
Ruth Brons
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First of all, congratulations to you, keroppi, for guiding your student to this milestone!

I, too, did a search for an appropriate way of marking milestones several years ago and am
very glad to have found the American String Teacher’s Association Certificate of Advancement Program ASTA CAP :
Now my entire studio participates in the yearly private exams administered by state colleagues, and I am pleased with the challenging-but-not-impossible annual goals, encouraging comments and certificates the program provides.

In brief, the 11 level program [Foundation Level and then Levels 1-10] goes from students playing a Foundation Level exam of two early Book One pieces and a one octave A Major Scale, to Level 10 exam consisting of, for example [as there are a lot of repertoire choices], one movement of Mozart D major, a Bach solo sonata movement, an impressionistic or contemporary piece such as Debussy’s “Girl with the Flaxen Hair”, a set of scales and arpeggios and a Kreutzer etude.

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