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said: Nov 23, 2010
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Hi All,

I have been searching high and low to find board bylaws for a non-profit Suzuki school. I have come across many on the web that are for regional or state-wide associations but am still having a tough time finding anything for individual schools. Most regional boards seem to have Suzuki trained, experienced teacher members which makes the board qualified to make decisions regarding artistic aspects of the school such as class offerings, performance opportunities, parent education, hiring teachers etc. Our school has a small board made up of a wonderful group of well-meaning Suzuki parents, with no voting teacher members. Our current bylaws are modeled after a regional association and the recurring issue is that because the school is being run by a parent group at times it is like “the fox watching the henhouse”. Tuition rates and teacher fees have not been raised in years. (We are substantially below other schools in the area). Because of this, we are having difficulty retaining teachers. We spend a lot of time voting on issues and nothing is followed through on. Often times, we spend time voting on issues that were approved several years ago because they have been forgotten. Our enrollment continues to steadily decline as we continue to lose teachers. We do have an artistic director with many ideas, although he has communicated that at this point his “hands are tied” because ultimately every decision is determined by the board, as per the bylaws.

The school is newly in a position that would allow us to change our bylaws and so I would like to request information from those of you who can help. Does anyone have bylaws for a small non-profit Suzuki school that would give some decision making ability back to the artistic director, admin and teachers? Thanks!

Elizabeth Jones said: Jan 14, 2011
Elizabeth Jones
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If you do find this information, please post here again. I would be interested in seeing it.

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