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Jeremy Chesman said: Jul 31, 2010
Jeremy Chesman
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I have a 5-year-old organ student who’s been studying with me a few months. I find that at times in the lessons, she gets distracted from the task at hand (playing with the stops, wanting to play pedals when we’re on manuals, looking at her dad). I know that “once the eyes go up the lesson is over.” However, I have found that if I give her a minute to follow her whims, I can usually get her back to the lesson and do a little more.

Is this bad? Should I stop the lesson when she gets a little distracted? Or should I plan a variety of activities and go from one to another a little quicker so that she doesn’t get to the point where she loses interest? For example, I could review her assignment for RH from the previous week, then go to some music games, then maybe back to the organ for some new material with LH. Any thoughts?

Sara said: Aug 1, 2010
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If the teacher stops the lesson before the student is ready, they will be more likely to want to come back. If a teacher pushes the limits, the chances of them getting bored of the instrument entirely are much bigger.
For me, I have found mixing up the activities to keep the attention is in the long run more affective. Just try not to jump so much she loses hold of what it is she is to be learning. Over time, if you’re addressing things properly her focus will build and you’ll find you won’t have to jump as often or as soon as you do now.

Hope this helps!

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