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Barb said: Jun 25, 2010
Barb Ennis
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Looking at adding to my resources… Any opinions on Games and Motivation for the Suzuki Violin Student? (Wagstaff, 100 pp, spiral bound) Keeping in mind that I teach cello.. the catalog says “and for other instruments as well.”

Thanks for any comments!

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Laura said: Jun 25, 2010
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On a similar note, I am wondering who has seen and used Math Vitamins for Suzuki Students? I like the description, but without an actual copy of the book to flip through, I’d love it if someone could give a brief desciption of what types of activities there are.

Sarah said: May 19, 2011
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I’m going page by page through the forum looking for inspiration and ideas to use in teaching. I realize this is an old post, but maybe my opinion will be helpful.

I found 20% of the book to be useful to me as a violin teacher. Portions of that 20% wouldn’t apply to cello: choreography/movement to go with a book 2 song while playing, puppets that visit left hand technique exclusive to the upper instruments, an obligatto to twinkle written in treble clef, etc.
The other 80% is information I’ve already heard/seen before or don’t need: an example of a practice chart, encouragement to create performance opportunities in the community, words to the book 1 folk tunes, copies of fiddle/Christmas/folk tunes, diagrams to learn violin and bow parts, and encouragement to attend Institute/workshops.

For 100 pages, I was hoping and expecting a lot more meat in there. I’m also not a fan of typo mistakes, and there are several. This is a fairly brutal review, so let me sprinkle a little sunshine in here too. If you are new to teaching, you’ll likely appreciate this book more.

A really great chapter is chapter 5: Toys and Illustrations as visual aids. There are a few ideas and diagrams in there that I’ve never heard, seen, or thought of myself before. Other favorite pages include the Japanese words to Twinkle, the Tone Class diagram, and the fishing game. The fishing game has 5 pages crammed with good ideas in tiny font. This is where most of the “meat” is for me.

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