Suzuki Conference 2011

Sarah Coley said: Jun 19, 2010
Sarah Coley
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Does anyone know when they will be announcing dates for the Suzuki Conference in 2011, or if they have announced them? I really would like to try to go this coming year, but I usually try to plan my teacher enrichment in advance.


Ruth Brons said: Jun 20, 2010
Ruth Brons
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The SAA Conferences, which are so inspiring to attend, are usually Memorial Day weekend every two years.
So the next one will be May 2012.

Ruth Brons
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Jenny said: Jun 21, 2010
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There will be a Leadership Retreat next spring, May 27-30. The location is not decided yet—it will probably be announced in the fall with some details on cost and theme.

The Leadership Retreats are smaller than the Conferences (150 versus 800 participants). The 2007 theme was “Enhancing Our Professional Image Internationally”. Here’s the 2007 program if you want more of an idea of what to expect at a Leadership Retreat:

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