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Lisa Hansen said: Apr 11, 2010
Lisa Hansen
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I have an adult student with very tiny hands. She was playing on a 7/8th size, but was still having difficulty stretching a whole step between the 2nd & 3rd finger (and sometimes the 3rd & 4th). We decided to try her on a 3/4 size violin. That made the whole step problem easier, but because her fingertips are on the larger size, the 3/4 size made it more difficult to place a finger on just ONE string at a time (double stops are a challenge). When she returned her 7/8th to the luthier, they discovered it had a full size neck, so she borrowed a different 7/8th size violin with an appropriately sized neck. It’s a little easier, but still difficult for her to reach a whole step between 2 & 3. What to do? Any advice? Should I have her investigate having a special violin made for her that is a 3/4 size, but has a 7/8 sized neck? Has anyone dealt with this before?
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Ruth Brons said: Jun 10, 2010
Ruth Brons
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While I have not dealt with this problem before, I think I have dealt with the opposite.
Each time I have ever bought a viola, I have had the luthier shave the neck a little thinner and re-groove the nut to space the strings a little closer together. So it may well be possible for a luthier to ever so slightly spread the strings apart by adjusting the grooves in the nut, which may help with the double stop issues for your student.

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Ruth Brons
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