What do you teach each lesson?

Deanna said: Feb 19, 2010
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It seems every time I get a new ASJ I read an article that says something to the effect that at each and every lesson such and such should be taught. I’m usually convinced and try to incorporate whatever it is into my teaching. But with the growing number of things that need to be included in each lesson I just don’t have time. Most of my lessons are 30 minutes.

The things that I teach every lesson, regardless of level are:
scales (for all but the very beginners)
working piece (polishing, making it musical)
new piece
(Students in book 2 and up also have weekly theory assignments)

Then things that alternate about every other lesson:
music reading
ear training

What do you teach each lesson? What do you consider the most important thing to include in each lesson?

said: Feb 19, 2010
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I try to model the lesson like the content of the practice:
- always something new, learned in the lesson, to be remembered or continued depending on the student
- not so much tonalization (I’m on piano), but if it’s an issue then one secure piece has this re-focus
- in mid-book 1 we start some super-easy sight reading and theory (theory assignments are always to be played after they are complete), I have a preferred series that goes through very thoroughly and mirrors their current technique in the Suzuki repertoire quite well
- review, which is more mastery of current pieces
This variety is reflected in their daily practice assignments.

Ear training is part of book 1; I have student learn all RH melodies by ear and just start using the book during LH additions. Usually by book 2 their ear training is quite secure. History is done sometimes at group, or as an incidental as part of their prep-work for a new piece (e.g. finding out about a composer, or finding a minuet on YouTube).

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