Halloween games/ideas

Agnieszka said: Oct 22, 2008
Agnieszka Kowalsky
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Alexandria, VA
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Hi Everyone
I am doing my group class the day after Halloween. Can you please write me some ideas/gamaes that you know that would work for this occasion? I have pre-twinkle, book1 and book 2 level
please help! :)
thank you

Tiffany said: Oct 24, 2008
Tiffany Osborn
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Los Angeles, CA
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You could do anything in A minor instead of A major and come up with funny words- like “twinkle twinkle little bat”, “trick -or treat, I love halloween, scary monsters playing…” something like that for May Song. I think even kids that have not “done low 2 or low 1 yet” would be able to figure it out if you show them, and it might be a fun way to be introduced to these notes. The pre twinklers could just sing the funny words in the minor key while you (or other students if it is a mixed level group) play the minor notes.

I have a group class right before Halloween- I’d love to get more ideas. If I think of anything else I’ll post again.

Laurel said: Oct 28, 2008
Laurel MacCullochViolin
Langley, BC
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I did my pre-Halloween group class the other day (mid-book 1-early book 2).

First of all I had them wear their costumes! I also brought 3 or 4 hats from my kids’ toyboxes, in case someone forgot or hadn’t decided on one yet.

I taught them tremolos and glissandos—good haunted-house kind of sounds! You could also (momentarily) let them press on the strings with the bow—a creaky door?

As mentioned, the Book 1 and 2 kids will know ( or are learning) low 2—you can do Lightly Weep or Go Tell Aunt Creepy that way.

I also made it a Solo Day (where anyone can play a solo for the group)—perhaps see if they can make up a Halloween related title for their song? The kids liked the solo part because they could show off their costumes.


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