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Agnieszka said: Sep 15, 2008
Agnieszka Kowalsky
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Hello Everyone,

I am teaching a lot of beginning students right now and I would really appreciate any ideas for bow games, and songs/games for group! please help!
thank you

said: Sep 16, 2008
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In Step by Step, volume 1A by Kerstin Wartberg you find 36 Pre-Twinkle songs. I can warmly recommend them. My students and their parents are absolutely delighted with them.
In the book + CD (published by Alfred) there are many suggestions for teachers and parents, ideas for games, home practice etc. It is just great stuff!

All Pre-Twinkle songs are composed for violin and piano, sometimes with drum. The piano accompaniments are truly beautiful and imaginative.

You can DOWNLOAD the piano accompaniments as EASY or ADVANCED VERSIONS under

NEW DOWNLOAD SHOP of the German Suzuki Institute

Here you can find also very interesting other teaching materials like pieces from book 4: Play along in three tempi (MP3 files with sheet music of the piece and basic exercises). Until now: All Seitz Concerti, Vivaldi 1st mov.

Vivaldi 3rd mov., Bach Double (only second violin with piano in slow tempo besides many other practice possibilities) and Bohm are coming soon.
Listen to some Pre-Twinkle Songs:**


Agnieszka said: Sep 16, 2008
Agnieszka Kowalsky
Suzuki Association Member
Alexandria, VA
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thank you!

Jennifer Visick said: Sep 16, 2008
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Kerstin Wartberg’s Step by Step CDs are very good. In addition to them, you may want to check out the following books:

  • The NEW Pre-Twinkle Book by Katherine Merril & Jean Brandt
    (a book of rhymes with suggestions for motions and how to use them)

  • I know a Fox with Dirty Socks by William Starr
    (a book of very easy, very short songs with words and harmony parts for the teacher or a slightly more advanced student)

  • Red Parrot, Green Parrot by Edward Huws Jones
    (a book of progressively harder songs for beginners. With fun words. If you get the teacher’s version, you also get some REALLY GOOD piano accompaniment parts, and suggestions for using the songs in a class setting, plus a violin accompaniment part for the teacher to use if a pianist is not available.

  • They’re rarely too young… and never to old to Twinkle! by Kay Collier-Slone

  • Movement that Fits: Dalcroze Eurythmics and the Suzuki Method by Joy Yelin
    (Dalcroze inspired games and activities—fun and lots of motion involved!)

  • Group Lessons: for Suzuki Violin and Viola by Carolyn McCall
    (ideas for group classes from beginner to book 4)

said: Sep 19, 2008
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Hello Aga,
Today I looked again into the

Suzuki Download-Shop

and found 3 items for Pre-Twinklers.
I ordered them immediately and I am really fascinated about this good material. Besides very high quality MP3 files you get sheet music with beautiful photographs of violin gymnastics, exercises etc.

And one other important advantage: It is not at all expensive!


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