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Lois said: Aug 31, 2008
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Do any of you have ideas for reading books for the second grade classroom? I have used Joanne Martin’s “I Can Read Music” with my private students, but would like to use a book more conducive to ensemble work with options of having second violin and piano accompaniment. I have taught these students as kindergarteners so they have basic playing technique when they play Twinkles, but this will be the first year they will actually sit down with (new) music stands and learn to read notes.

said: Sep 10, 2008
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Do you know „My First Note-Reading Book“ by Kerstin Wartberg? I think this is exactly the material you are looking for. (Published by Alfred).

It is done in a systematic but also in a playful and musical manner. After a short time children can read and play all notes on all strings in the first finger-pattern with several basic rhythms. There is a nice piano accompaniment on CD.

My students love this book. By the way: I have used this material as well for parents classes to teach them reading music. This was a great experience.

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