Child interrupting Parents practice


Ashley said: Aug 3, 2008
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I have a 4 year old student who is has been playing for almost 2 years, and is doing marvelously. She is halfway through Book One, and loves to play. Her mother is taking lessons along with her, and is working on Etude. At our last lesson, mom informed me that she’s feeling frustrated because whenever she tries to practice her own individual lesson assignment, her daughter will drop whatever she is doing and run to get her violin to play with her mom.

While this is not the worst problem to have (she loves to play the violin!!!) mom doesn’t know what to do because she realizes that she really needs to spend time on her assignment (Etude) in order to improve. However every time she thinks she has a moment alone to practice, her daughter will either come and start playing other pieces while mom is trying to play her material or will try to figure out Etude (to which I said it is good she is exploring her violin but I want to make sure she doesn’t learn things wrong on her own before we get to that song in lessons).

Mom doesn’t want to discourage her daughter from playing, and is glad she is enthusiastic enough to want to play all the time, but she wants to find a way to get her own practicing in as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how she can either tell her daughter that it is MOMS turn to practice (without making the daughter feel discouraged from playing) or to incorporate the two practicing together, mom playing her material and daughter playing hers?

Any suggestions would be great!

Grace said: Aug 4, 2008
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Maybe mom could get a heavy practice mute to practice while daughter is sleeping or napping? I know you can’t practice tone, but at least the fingering and bowing. That’s how I practice these days (with a 2 year old). There is no way I can get any practicing done while she is awake.

said: Sep 30, 2008
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This is why Traditional Suzuki does not work

Ashley said: May 19, 2009
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ddm8053, can you expand on your comment please?

said: May 20, 2009
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ddm8053, can you expand on your comment please?

David has comments in other threads elsewhere on the forum explaining his view of Suzuki. If you go to the top of the page and click on “Search”, then search for author “ddm8053″, you’ll find them. I think it’s safe to say that most people who post here regularly don’t agree with his generalizations (though there certainly are individual Suzuki teachers who do a poor job, just as there are individual non-Suzuki teachers who do a poor job.)

Diane said: May 23, 2009
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Have the daughter be the home teacher to the Mom! Mom still gets to practice but will have to follow the daughter’s directions.

Have Fun!

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