Infidelity within my studio

Tracy said: May 4, 2006
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How would you handle this situation?

A father of long time student of mine has had an affair with the mother of a brand new student. The mother of the long time student has requested that the “other woman” leave the studio. I feel some loyalty to the mother of the long time student, but I am not quite sure how to handle it.

Lynn said: May 4, 2006
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Stay out of it.

If one or the other of these families decides they can no longer be in your studio for whatever reasons of a personal nature, it’s their perogative. No one should be asking or expecting you to solve, resolve or mitigate private, personal issues simply because both parties happened to be part of your studio. Nor should anyone be allowed interfere with your professional relationship with another student because they have issues with that family. It is simply not your business and not your responsibility.

The agony for this poor woman is that as long as both families continue with you, they will continue to have contact, which, of course is why she’s made her request, but by making it, she has essentially put you in the position of choosing sides. Side with the kids. Kindly but firmly say your focus and responsibility lies with your students, all of them, and on what you need to do to follow through on your commitment to being an effective teacher for them.

Jennifer said: Jul 14, 2011
Jennifer Louie
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I agree with Chasecat21. Additional advice-If the mother of the long time student decides to transfer her child, please do not take it personally. Offer her child an excellent recommendation to another teacher.

Jennifer Louie

Lisa Hansen said: Jul 20, 2011
Lisa Hansen
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Wow! I also agree with Chasecat21. What an unfortunate situation!!!

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