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Connie Sunday said: Apr 16, 2006
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Please take the practice survey at:

Your responses very much appreciated.

Questions include:
I’m curious about practice habits, both with respect to students and teachers (or teachers who also practice—as one hopes they do, and which I’m sure that most do.)

  1. How much do you practice—versus how much do you think you should practice or wish you did practice.

  2. Do you have a specific practice routine [for example, 20 minutes at a time, with a break, or separate hours set aside for your main instrument, or a secondary instrument, or for specific repertoire]

  3. How consistent are you?

  4. When do you take off? [for example, summers, holidays, child-rearing, illness]

  5. If you’re a teacher, how do you present this topic to your students; how do you monitor it; how do you promote better practice habits.

  6. Do you write down practice plans, or otherwise keep track of your practice & goals in practicing?

  7. Do you look for new repertoire, both for yourself and/or your students, and make plans to listen, study and practice new materials on a consistent basis?

  8. Since you began studying the instruments, what is the longest time you’ve gone without practicing?

  9. In the long term, what have your practice habits been, and how have they been shaped by your personal & professional life?

    1. Can you recommend any books or webpage dealing with this topic?

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