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Grace said: Mar 9, 2011
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I am a violin teacher. My daughter (4.5 yo) is learning violin from me and is progressing quite nicely (beginning Bk 1). I had always intended for her to learn piano. Mostly, I wasn’t sure it would be good to do violin since that is what I do. But for now, she really enjoys it. She is friends with many of my students, and she just wants to do what everyone else is doing.

So, I am still thinking of starting her on piano when she turns 5, but how do people manage kids doing 2 instruments? How do you practice? She enjoys practicing, but when she is done, she is DONE. Do you make 1 instrument the primary, and the other the secondary? I’m just curious what people’s experience is if their kid takes 2 instruments.

I always wished I had at least basic piano skills to accompany my students through the first few books. It seems very helpful to have piano skills for any musician…


Herbert said: Mar 10, 2011
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My 7 y.o. daughter started the piano at 4.5 and took up the violin a little over a year ago. The two instruments complement each other. She sings solfege and plays the violin parts she is trying to memorize on the piano. Playing the violin part on the piano also helps with the intonation. Any questions about music theory she first glances at the keyboard. Her school has a violin program and she has been asked to play the accompaniment to Minuet 2 for the next school recital. This makes her listen more attentively to the violin and also encourages her to keep up her piano practice.

Finding practice time for the two instruments can be hard. Right now, she practices piano in the morning before school and practices the violin in the evenings. Based on the length of practice time, her main instrument has become the violin. Because she plays with other children at school on a regular basis I think she really enjoys the social aspect of violin playing. I think that learning the piano can really add to a child’s education in music.


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