Aunt Rhody Around the World?

Devin Treadaway said: Feb 8, 2011
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I have been looking for some information on the Aunt Rhody variations such as Aunt Rhody Goes to Saudi Arabia, a Hoedown, Antarctica, etc., to do with my students.. Does anyone know where to find that?

Grace said: Feb 9, 2011
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Romanion- change C# to C natural
Arabian- keep C# and change B to B flat. Change F# to F natural.
Tennesee- add open E double stops, can also slide fingers
China- one group plays in the key of D while the other plays in key of A
Scotland- one group plays a E drone (or 1 on on D or G) while the other group plays normally
Brazil- pizzicato (rainforest)
Italy- Tarantella Rhody- dotted 8th and 16th

Grace said: Feb 11, 2011
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maybe “Antarctica” is with tremolo (for shivering)?? :D

Barb said: Feb 11, 2011
Barb Ennis
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One of my young students went to a cello day camp and came back with this version of Aunt Rhody goes to Arabia: Shift the hand up 1/2 step and play with the usual fingerings!

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Coutier said: Feb 1, 2013
Coutier Rademaker58 posts

I’ve done a few “shows” with aunt Rhody as parts of our Suzuki concerts. I have have made up a story which includes a Belgian speaking penguin on the North Pole (ended up there by mistake…..). The story is growing and growing. I love doing foreign accents.

I am thinking now about a stop in Bavaria/Switzerland (one two three etc.) with the children shouting something at the right moment…

About Scotland: I let everybody play the drone, 1st finger on G, but very very quietly. And then I or an advanced student play the song as a solo as if the violin is a bag pipe. Try it, you will find that special sound: some extra pressure (not weight) on the open E and some trills do magic. It becomes very silent and strong, you see the mists over Loch Ness and listen to the voice of Mc Donald (the ancient one) and Mc Doodle


Chantale said: Feb 2, 2013
 Violin, Viola
Orleans, ON
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That’s brilliant, Coutier! Your lessons sound like they must be loads of learning fun.

Valerie said: Nov 10, 2014
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Would you mind sharing your script for this? It’s such a cute idea, but my creativity in writing the “in between lines” is not kicking in for me!?!

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