#, b, whole-step, half-step, low 2, high 2

said: Dec 26, 2010
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My 6 year-old is playing Gavotte by Martini (Book 3). He can play G-major scale and all ohter scales (up to this piece ) fine. However, half-way through the piece his C natural is becoming closer to C#, etc. His instructor has been teaching him notes with “half-step” “whole step” termnology as well as “Low” “high”. I’m wondering if it gets confusing to him when “low 2″ on A string is C natural but “low 1″ is Bflat. He is learning to read music (”I can read Music Vol. 2″). I’ve tried showing fingering chart, but I’m not sure how effective it has been so far. the instructor says my son is not confident in fingering. Is there a better way of teaching those half notes and fingering? I think he has good enough hearing (in terms of notes), and his reading (books) ability is well beyond his age. We’ve been at this for just about a half-year, I’d like to see a break-through…

Sara said: Dec 26, 2010
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Try fingerboard geography by Barbara Barber. My students have had VERY good success with it!

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