Sitting or standing during practice, does it matter?

Marcia said: Apr 19, 2010
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How important is it to demand my five-year-old stand during her entire violin practice? Sometimes we are both tired at the end of the day, but it is the only time we have to practice. I usually insist that she stand for at least two songs and when she sits to keep her violin up and have good posture.

Jennifer Visick said: Apr 20, 2010
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Ask your teacher.

Standing is standard for solo violin practice and performance. Sitting is standard for rehearsals and performances of orchestras, string quartets, and other ensembles that include instrumentalists who usually don’t (or can’t without some difficulty) stand during performance, such as pianists, cellists, harpists, etc.

Ensembles that consist of only upper strings (violins and violas) generally stand (e.g., standing is standard for playing in a Suzuki violin or viola group class).

I would think that as long as you’re insisting on good seated posture, it should be OK to to sit and practice for part of the time (but not the whole time).

Obviously, if sitting becomes detrimental to the posture or sound quality, then you need to fix that. But it’s (also obviously) better to practice well while sitting than it is to not practice at all.

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