What should Volume 3 of Violine Part look like?


said: Mar 1, 2010
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If I just finish Volume 2 as shown here

can the book below be its Volume 3?

This Volume 3

looks closer in cover design. But it’s missing the CD. If the blue cover Volume 3 is the same, I’d rather buy that. Can anybody help me choose? Thank you.

Jennifer Visick said: Mar 2, 2010
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There are several different recordings for Suzuki Violin books 1-4.

  1. as recorded by Shinichi Suzuki … an older recording and not so high sound quality. I would recommend avoiding this one.

2a) as recorded by David Nadien … includes accompaniment tracks after all the violin/piano tracks.

2b)There is a MIDI accompaniment CD that comes with MIDI tracks recorded by Linda Perry (playable on a computer, it comes with the software to play it, transpose it, change tempo, loop sections, etc. or playable on a keyboard or player piano that accepts midi input. This MIDI CD is also plays Nadien’s recording if you stick it in a regular CD player.)

  1. as recorded by David Cerone … I personally tend to prefer these, I think the sound quality and tone and musicianship is better than the Nadien recording … but that’s just my own opinion—your milage may vary

  2. as recorded by William Preucil, Jr. … these are the revised edition recordings and are supposed to reflect the changes in the revised editions. You can purchase these separately or bound together with the sheet music.

  3. as recorded by David Andruss, Rudolf Gähler & Kathrin Averdung, for Kerstin Wartberg’s Step by Step books … includes a lot of other exercises … I also like tone quality and tempo of these recordings … includes slower & faster versions and accompaniment versions of each piece.

But to answer your question more directly:

The CD with the “blue cover” picture that you are asking about is the Nadien recording of volume 3. It does not include a book. The CD that you said you just finished is the Cerone recording of volume 2.

If you want to buy the book and the CD together, you’ll have to get the Preucil recording of the revised version, with the revised book.

Amazon.com is terrible with the titles and cover pictures for Suzuki materials. Because of this, if you want to find something Suzuki on Amazon, I would recommend the following procedure:

  • go to the publisher’s website (that’s alfred.com)
    -search for “Suzuki Violin School” “Volume 3″
    -click on the title of the book or CD you’re interested in getting (CD or book or Book & CD together), read the description carefully to make sure it’s the one you want, noting the name of the performer
    -copy one of the ISBN numbers
    -paste the ISBN number into Amazon’s search box

For example, I just did this for the “book & cd” version for violin, volume 3. The Amazon title says “Suzuki Violin School: Violin Part (The Suzuki Method Core Materials)”. It doesn’t indicate in any way that this is a book & cd together, or tell you what volume number it is. However, since both the price & the isbn match the alfred website, you know it’s the same one.

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