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Anna said: Jul 31, 2008
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I have lots of young pupils and I do the usual bow games, like “Up like a rocket”
rhythms in the air.
“Simon says….”
10x bow holds

I need some new ideas, because I think they are so helpful, the more “in the air” bow work the better the bow hold.

Gabriel Villasurda said: Aug 1, 2008
Gabriel Villasurda81 posts

Have a look at PLAYING THE STRING GAME by Young.

Shar Music has it in stock.

Gabriel Villasurda
Ann Arbor MI

Sue Hunt said: Mar 28, 2012
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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I love and recommend Playing the String Game. Phyllis Young has a wonderfully creative imagination.

You may be interested in my collection of 36 Beginner Bow Hold Games, complete with: Detailed instructions for each game.
Simple piano parts for the songs.
Practical, easy to use Bow Hold Charts.
Lucky dip cards to help customise a practice session to the needs of your child and to give your child an element of choice. They make a useful memory aid for absent minded teachers like me.

Barb said: Mar 29, 2012
Barb Ennis
Suzuki Association Member
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Pass the cup (light disposable paper or plastic).
Windshield wipers.
Train crossing arm.
Fishing (hold bow upside down and bounce it to jiggle the imaginary bait).

I third the recommendation for Playing the String Game. Written for cello, but most activities can also be used for other string instruments—clear instructions re which instruments can do what.

Music Teachers Helper—for individual teachers
Studio Helper—for entire music studios or schools

Sue Hunt said: Mar 30, 2012
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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Phillis Young has in fact published 2 books. The other one is called “The String Play” and is also a delight. When my 2 children were young, she opened my mind to the magic of imagination. Music in Practice.

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