Six and over enthusiastic?

Chelsea said: Apr 8, 2007
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My son is six and has been playing Suzuki cello for 2 1/2 years. He has always loved music, but had a slow start due to weak motor skills. Once his motor skills began to improve, he completed book 2 plus learned to read music in just five months (on his own after learning the symbols and note names from flashcard games). His teacher is absolutely amazing and has encouraged him so much.

Now my son has become even more focused on his playing. He pours over book 3 and sometimes (on his own) spends hours per day playing. Even though he is still working on the first song in the book (Berceuse), he worked out Humoresque (eighth of ten songs in the book) in one day, and it does not sound too bad to this untrained ear. He has also begun to tinker on our piano with a beginers book I bought and never used, and is playing the songs with two hands- though probably not correctly :)

I have informed his teacher of his tendency to forage ahead, and we are supplimenting with cello solos and position pieces. She is supportive and careful that he does not loose his posture, technique, etc. in his enthusiasm.

My question for you all is how to best nurture this little guy. His focus in life since toddlerhood has been music (his latest favorite plaything is a metronome- he rarely plays with true toys). Should we offer him piano lessons too, or in the opoosite vein, push him to slow down so that he doesnt burn himself out on music?

Thanks for your input!

said: Apr 9, 2007
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My 6-year old daughter started piano when she was five. She really enjoyed her lessons and was soon improvising and playing all sorts of things by ear.

Her older sister plays the violin, and my younger one asked to play as well. It was the right decision for her. She really enjoys both instruments, and since the same instructor teaches both, I feel she is getting a well-rounded musical education. I wondered if her musical skills would transfer from one instrument to another and they do. She plays as well by ear on the violin as she does on the piano, but encouraging her to read notes on either instrument is like pulling teeth.

Anyway, if your son wants to do it and your family has the time and monetary resources, why not try it for awhile. If my girls ever find two instruments overwhelming, I will let them choose their favorite. They will still have benefitted from the lessons on the other instrument for however short of a time it was.

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