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Ellie said: Jul 25, 2020
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West Chester, OH
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I have a couple of students on the cusp of Book 2 who are doing quite well, but sometimes struggle to produce nice tone. Generally when I ask them to focus on their tone, they end up pressing down more with their bow and attempting to play louder. This also has the effect of making their bow changes sound like tiny accents. With songs like Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus coming up, I really want them to be able to produce smooth connected bow strokes, at any volume. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might convey this to them (whether it is a physical adjustment I can make or an idea I can suggest)? In addition, are there any bow exercises that might help? I know it takes time to develop a beautiful tone and controlled bow changes but I at least want these things to be on their radar as something that, as advancing students, they can be conscious of.

Thank you!

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